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Welcome to A la Carta Tours:

Our initiative and vision is to allow visitors to spend their time in Guatemala, sharing aspects of our cultural heritage and promote the identity of Antigua as an international tourist destination. A la Carta Tours has as goal to show all visitors the various attractions that Guatemala offers. Our tours are designed to satisfy the expectations of any traveler looking for a great travel experience in this beautiful country. And you can also let us know your specific travel idea, so we can assist you to customize your tour.

Our guides are authorized by "INGUAT" (The Guatemalan Institute of Tourism) and selected by their experience in the travel industry and good character as passion for their profession which is a plus we want to offer to all our travelers.

Our Team

a la carta tours team

We here at Ala Carta Tours have a team dedicated to bring you an unforgettable experience, taking into account the interests, expectations, and needs of the customer.

We work with the values of honesty, compromise, creativity, transparency, and respect. The development of our community is fundamental due to the work we do together with equal vision to provide the visitor with quality service. When visiting Guatemala, remember that for Ala Carta Tours, it's always a pleasure to serve.

Our Guides

All our guides are authorized by "INGUAT" (The Guatemalan Institute of Tourism) and all are selected for their character, professionalism, and love for Guatemala. Certified in being general tour guide in which permits them to provide their services an all of the country for their ample knowledge. They are characterized by their friendliness, service, professional, and the way they give the tourist a rich experience.

Private transport

transporte privado en guatemala

The unforgettable experience of visiting a country for the first time starts since the very moment you go to your hotel, and in order to start your unforgettable experience we provide you luxury private transportation with professional driver from the airport to Antigua Guatemala or any other destination: See our destinations and prices

For more information contact us.

Presentation of legends and ghosts

leyendas y espantos de guatemala

Guatemala is rich not only in architecture, culture and history but also because it has an intangible heritage that was passed down through generations and we would like to share it with you. This is a cultural presentation that will make you and your group to travel through time. This presentation includes the dramatization of different characters and legends of Guatemala that will make you live an unforgettable experience.

  1. Welcoming of Don Pedro de Alvarado, the conqueror of Guatemala, who is the host of this show and also the one who will guide you in this opportunity.
  2. Dramatized representation of historical characters such as Santo Hermano Pedro also the dramatization of legends like La Llorona, La Tatuana, The Sombrerón and others, with the participation of professional actors.


  1. Professional Actors
  2. Typical candy per person.

    Price: depends on the number of people participating.
    Duration: 1 hour

    For more information contact us.


leyendas y espantos de guatemala

This historical activity was known as a social event, popular during Colonial time for both men and women dance together. Usually this event took place in religious festivities, weddings or birthday parties.

The dancing floor was limited by a piece of rope held by two people. You had to pay each song with a coin in order to be allowed to get to the other side of the rope and dance with your couple.

Different rhythms were played including SON, WALTZ, FOX TROT, among others.

As part of this tradition there were different popular characters who used to participate at this Zarabandas such as the catholic priest, the indigenous Shaman, the single mature ladies looking for wealthy husbands to marry, the “drunk” and a little girl selling candy.

In this event we will be recreating a popular Zarabanda. Some friendly actors will be leading the tradition and the rope will be used again. Please have your coins ready to enter into the Zarabanda.

Characters that will be in the Zarabanda:

  1. 5 set of marimba orchestra musicians
  2. the "drunk"
  3. The shaman
  4. authority "the military"
  5. the Church "the cure"
  6. the lady guarding company to "single"
  7. two couples who teach dance rhythms to the guests
  8. La Llorona
  9. The Sombrerón


  1. 18 Actors
  2. Marimba for 3 hours
  3. Souvenir for each participant
  4. decoration

The price depends on the number of people.


grupo folklorico

Guatemala is known for its culture and traditions. Mayan people in the colony times start to create dances where they explain and tell their point of view about the conquest of Guatemala for example: Moros and Christians dance, also before the conquest they have dances to honor their gods like the “Devils Dance, Guacamayos dance”, among others.

Yum Kax is a folkloric group that present us a piece of these dances meanwhile they explain the meaning of these dances they also explain and talk about the traditional costumes of Guatemala

The activity consists in different dances where colorful costumes are appreciate meanwhile a simultaneous narrator (English or Spanish) talks about what is being observed in order to let you feel that we are traveling through time and also make you part of the Guatemalan culture.

For more information contact us.